EUC Weekly Digest – August 17, 2019

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Interesting EUC items from last week:

Citrix VDA

Citrix StoreFront

Citrix ADC

Citrix ADM



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2 thoughts on “EUC Weekly Digest – August 17, 2019”

  1. Hi Carl,
    Hope you are doing good.
    We have a client running a Citrix environment with mix of XenApp 6.5 with applications installed and published to users and XenDesktop 7.x for Desktop VDIs running in ON-Prem, VMWare platform in place in On-Prem and they want to migrate to Azure cloud completely.

    As a Citrix Consultant I would need your help to know few scenarios or few solutions on how we can achieve this migration/move to Azure.?
    Usually we set up a greenfield Citrix infrastructure in Azure Cloud and then move the users and Applications in phases and once all the users and applications are tested and moved over to azure cloud we can shutdown the On-Prem Citrix infrastructure environment.
    But apart from the above if the client requires a lift and shift or Migrate the Citrix environment using Azure Site Recovery ( ASR ) how do we achieve this, do you have a suggestion/solution/ any Architecture steps that you can share?
    Why I ask the above is, there are multiple Infrastructure servers in Clients Citrix environment…
    like Storefront Servers for resource enumeration/ first level of authentication for users.
    Citrix Delivery controller servers with MCS used ( having user and resources configurations stored on a SQL DB server).
    XenApp 6.5 Servers which will have applications locally installed in them and ODBC DSN configured having DB configurations in place, which users will be accessing.
    Zone Data collectors for managing loads and acting as broker.
    Citrix Edgesight Server for monitoring.
    Citrix License Server.
    Profile server.
    with all these above servers and having SQL DB connection and configurations, will lift and shift or migrate to Azure using Azure Site Recovery (ASR) possible?? or do we need to setup a greenfield setup of all Citrix infrastructure servers and move users and applications in phases as I mentioned in the first place.?

    Appreciate your help.
    Anwar shamim

    1. I suspect you can migrate any full, standalone machine, including the infrastructure servers and master images. But all linked clones (e.g. MCS) would have to be recreated in Azure.

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