EUC Weekly Digest – September 30, 2023

Last Modified: Sep 30, 2023 @ 6:15 am

Interesting EUC items from last week:

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Citrix App Layering

Citrix HDX

Citrix Provisioning

Citrix Workspace app

NetScaler ADC

NetScaler ADM

Citrix XenServer

Citrix Cloud



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4 thoughts on “EUC Weekly Digest – September 30, 2023”

  1. Hello Carl,

    We are looking to upgrade our CVAD environment from 1912 LTSR to 2203 LTSR CU3. I have three questions which am looking to get clarified before starting the upgrade process.

    1. In one of our farm we do have a legacy 2008 R2 citrix app published server with VDA agent 7.15 CU3 installed. Will it have any issues when we upgrade the DDC & other infra components to 2203.
    2. Can we upgrade the infra components individually with a different maintenance window (PVS, Storefront, DDC, WEM). All of these infra servers running with 2019 OS.
    3. All our devices are not power managed (hosting not configured). But few of the VDI’s alone configured with hosting as they built with MCS. Will VCenter upgrade to 8.1 will impact our 1912 LTSR since VCenter 7.0 update 3 will be compatible till 1912 as per citrix compatibility check documents.

    1. 1. Upgrade the VDA to the latest Cumulative Update for 7.15.
      2. Yes. Servers of the same type should be upgraded in the same maintenance window but different types can be upgraded in separate maintenance windows.
      3. Only Delivery Controllers communicate directly with vCenter.

      1. Thanks a lot Carl for the reply.
        Even with PVS Infra servers running with 2203 LTSR. Can we run 2012 OS target devices with PVS target device agent 2203 installed in it? Will it be compatible.

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