EUC Weekly Digest – February 25, 2017

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Here are some EUC items I found interesting last week. For more immediate updates, follow me at

For a list of updates at, see the Detailed Change Log.

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4 thoughts on “EUC Weekly Digest – February 25, 2017”

  1. With regard to the NetScaler article: The article is specifically pointing out that hardware appliances with encryption cards that are previous to the current Cavium N3 version are susceptible to being “overwhelmed” if attempting to implement Perfect Forward Secrecy. PFS requires TLS/1.2 and ECC. On older hardware that does not have the N3 line card, all of this encryption work must be done in software as the older cards do not support TLS/1.1 or TLS/1.2 like the current ones do. As a result, encryption performance drops considerably and the boxes have a massive reduction in packet handling capabilities.

    As of today, the only boxes on the Data Sheet that do NOT have the N3 cards are the 5550/5650 and the 8005/8015. Every other appliance has the N3 card, including the 11515-11542 boxes.

    If you’re running an SDX version of an appliance, and want to maximize SSL performance, be sure to dedicate an appropriate number of SSL cores to the instance as this is the only way to get the TLS/1.1 and TLS/1.2 functions to run in hardware.

    1. Thanks for this info. Do you have a link to something on saying that only N3 does TLS 1.1/1.2 on the SSL Chip?

  2. Hi Carl. Do you know if there is still a 4 GB file transfer limit in the new Adaptive transport “protocol”/feature?

    1. You mean regular client drive mapping? Or HTML5 Receiver file uploads?

      EDT does not change any of the HDX protocols running on top of it. It only changes TCP to UDP. Everything else is the same.

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