EUC Weekly Digest – May 26, 2018

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Interesting EUC items from last week:



Profile Management

Provisioning Services



  • Download Citrix NetScaler Release (Feature Phase) 12.1 Build 48.13
  • What’s new in NetScaler 12.1 – RDP Proxy improvements, SaaS apps catalog
    • In NetScaler 12.1, you can migrate a NetScaler VPX instance by using VMware vMotion. Supported interfaces are E1000 and VMXNET3.
    • NetScaler 12.1 shows Days to License Expiration
    • NetScaler 12.1 built-in Secure SSL Profile – TLS 1.2 only (but not TLS 1.3), four ciphers – Run “show ssl profile ns_default_ssl_profile_secure_frontend” to see full config
    • NetScaler 12.1 Net Profile has an option to override global Mac Based Forwarding (MBF)

NetScaler MAS

NetScaler Gateway


Citrix Cloud


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